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1st August 2017

  • What is it?

    FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) is an Agency of the United Nations.

    Lead the international effort to end hunger in the world. Its objetive is to achieve food security for all, and at the same time, guarantee the regual accesel acces to good quality. With more than 194 member countries, FAO Works in more than130 countries. Besides, they take care of generate and share relevant information regarding the food in the form of global public goods .

    At present, the countries face a series of demands and challenges in the development of the agriculture, that are growing every day. In order to support them, FAO has identify some key priorities in which the Organization can apply its experience and knowledge. These priorities and objectives are the principal working areas to achieve a world without hunger and to do it in a sustainable way (Agenda 2030 to the sustainable development).

  • What have we done?

    We have done different editorial pieces to FAO, such as brochures or triptychs, we will like to highlight our work on the design and layout of annuals publications of special relevancy – SOFA, SOFI, SOFO and SOCO. All this working with multilingual layouts (Spanish, French and English).

    Despite that our services tend to be orientated towards editorial design, we have also work in the graphic design to some events such as the World Summit against Hunger 2018.


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