ISLA GRÁFICA | Márgenes VII (2017)

Márgenes VII (2017)

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1st January 2018

  • What is it?

    Márgenes is a Festival dedicated to the new audiovisuals narratives from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

    A flexible and innovative festival that reflects permanently about  the future of the cinema and the contemporary society. An event that change in each edition to adapt to the new realities and necessities.

    The Festival Márgenes is an indispensable reference, both in Madrid as at national and international  level, of the most independent part of the iberoamerican film production. Placing the capital as the epicenter of the audiovisual contemporary avant-garde.

    It is managed by the producer River Lab, to which we have realized different projects for cultural events (Cine Español en Ruta, Mujeres de Cine, Cine Lux Madrid/Europa, Todo Cine Todo Dominicana, etc).

  • What have we done?

    In our office, we took care of the development and conceptualization for the Festival identity during its 2016 edition.

    Besides, we work in the design and adaptation of the identity of the different communication pieces needed to the development of the festival. For this reason, we develop the graphic adapted to the physical supports (flyers, photo calls, roll ups, posters, programs, etc.) and for the digital supports (banners, networks, mailing, animations, etc).

    Furthermore, during each edition we develop also the graphic for MRG WORK; an innovative space for the development of film projects. A working place of dialogue and analysis, where  young independent film makers get in touch with agents of the same sector with interest in making possible their projects.


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  • Identity design
  • Design of posters
  • Editorial design
  • Design of roll ups
  • Design of flyers
  • Banners design
  • Design of social networks
  • Printed production management