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Mujeres de Cine (Women of cinema)

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11th April 2018

  • What is this?

    Women of cinema was created in 2010 with the purpose of visualizing and promoting the work of women in the cinematographic industry.
    For this reason, it consists of national and international roaming that welcomes the most interested and recent cinematographic productions made by women in our country. A platform that focused on empowering and strengthen the true access of women to the culture and cinematographic production.
    It is managed by the producer River Lab, for which we have realized a large number of projects related with the design of cultural events (Cine Español en Ruta, Mujeres de Cine, Cine Lux Madrid/Europa, Todo Cine Todo Dominicana, etc).

  • What have we done?

    Since 2015, we work on the identity design and the production of pieces for the festival. Year after year our intention is to forge a solid and cohesive identity. We take care mainly in each edition of the design and adaptation of pieces, both editorial and digitals – triptychs, roll ups, photocalls, posters, social networks, etc.


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