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1st December 2015
  • What is it?

    OCU, is the Organization of users and consumers. They take care, among other things, to defend the rights of the consumers and facilitate the relevant information to their benefit.  It is the most important consumers organization in Spain with more than 300.000 members.

    They defend our rights as consumers, helping to create a consumers society more transparent and  fair. Besides, they offer an objective and reliable information so that the users can make the best consumers decisions.

  • What have we done?

    We take care of the design and layout of the specialized guides and magazines. Through those, OCU offers a reliable independent information, which is safe for their partners. They provide very useful free guides, which contain advices and recommendations addressed to the consumers. We do the design of infographics and illustrations, plus the layout of texts and images and the realization of covers.


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  • Brand identity
  • Editorial design
  • Layout of magazines
  • Design of cover
  • Design of infographics
  • Editorial illustration
  • Photo retouching