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1st August 2016

  • What is it?

    It is the principal auditorium of the town of Alcobendas, in Madrid.

    The Theatre of Alcobendas, was inagurated in 1995, and it is integrated in the network of the Theatre of the Community of Madrid. Also, it is an active member of the Spanish netwok of the Public Theatres.

    Variety, quality, populars programmes, music for the whole family, music of the years 50 and 60 together with important classic pieces of diffent styles and great genius(Brahms, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Beethoven), recognized artists… The Alcobendas theatre, offers a large cultural programme for all type of public.

  • What have we done?

    In our office, we take care mainly of the design and layout mainly of the programme of the Alcobendas theater (El Público). For this reason, we elaborate a solid graphic line, in which we use a photo treatment with metallic ink, changing its colour every season.

    In the same way, this generated graphic line, it is adapted every season to the different formats of the theatre posters (programmes, roll ups, flyers, etc.).

    Besides, we take care of the web design of the theatre, adapting its identity to the different banners and elements, and also doing the design and updating for all these works.


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