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Teatro de Rojas

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1st January 2016

  • What is it?

    The Teatro de Rojas is a theatre located in Toledo. It was inaugurated in 1879 on the old comedy “corral” called Mesón de la Fruta.  It is named in honor of the Toledano writer Francisco de Rojas,  in fact the first piece represented in the theatre was  Del Rey abajo ninguno.

    The parapets and boxes, the thin colomns of iron, the embouchure of the stage with boxes of the proscenium and the curtain, made this space a particular place of the Spanish  municipal theatre of the XIX century.

  • What have we done?

    We have elaborated its corporative image in an integral way.  We work on the concept of union between classic and modern.  Starting from this conceptual base, we generate a logo formated by two glyphos that represented the exposed ideas. Furthermore, we do the design of all communication pieces, both editorial as digitals – journals, hand programmes, merchandising, posters, web, etc.

    Definitely, we generate a solid and flexible identity to fit in all the necessary parts.


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  • Design of corporative identity
  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Editorial design
  • Design and layout of programes
  • Design of posters
  • Merchandising design
  • Design of communication pieces
  • Design of banners
  • Web design